Structure Tone

Client Goal: Refined space to reflect their brand

A modern office with a marble bar top and Herman Miller Eames plastic bar stools.

Structure Tone | Philadelphia, PA

Structure Tone is a global leader in construction management and general contracting. The Philadelphia location specifically has been rapidly growing since opening over 10 years ago.

This specific project gave Premier the opportunity to display our true potential. We worked with directly with Structure Tone to figure out exactly what their needs were. Premier had the chance to outfit the entire floor plate, including all Herman Miller systems furniture, private offices and seating throughout. We also installed beautiful glass wall systems in their space.

Having the opportunity to work with such a successful construction company was such an amazing experience. Premier realized that Structure Tone's space had to stand out and truly reflect their brand. A perfect combination of classic pieces and statement features throughout was the perfect solution. Their final outcome was one that was refined, clean and modern.

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