Hamilton 2 Hub

Client Goal: To create an inviting and inspiring co-working space

Co-working space showing 2 Herman Miller Overlay rooms with wood slat walls on the side and red booths with tables inside. Workstations in the background.

The Hamilton 2 Hub | Philadelphia, PA

The Hamilton is a modern apartment complex in Logan Square. They offer comfort, fun and connection to its residents. With a variety of social spaces, indoors and out, The Hamilton provides beautiful and updated amenities to those living there.

Premier was thrilled to partner with The Hamilton, Michael Shannon Designs and Radnor Property Group to complete this co-working hub. We were able to provide a full MillerKnoll and DIRTT solution throughout the entire space. The Hub offers a variety of work areas, both individual touchdown spots and collaborative rooms.

Some featured products include classics like Eames and Chadwick, while integrating some newer pieces like Cosm and Overlay. The space is beautifully defined with DIRTT modular walls. This solution creates dynamic rooms that can adapt and evolve to changing needs.

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