Learning space with education furniture. Groups of tables on casters with Keyn chairs on casters. Wall on back contains rails and movable boards.

Higher Education Furniture

Premier creates educational workspace solutions that enhance the learning experience.

Combining deep design expertise and collaborations with industry thought leaders, we create learning spaces that encourage innovation.

At Herman Miller, we work closely with college and university leaders to use place as an asset that supports the institution's mission. Since the 1970s, our unique approach has led us to knowledge and insights that keep us in tune with the needs of education leaders. The furniture solutions we present consider today’s pedagogy and create learning spaces that accommodate change, innovation, and evolution. We combine a research-based approach, design expertise, and collaborations with industry leaders to create educational workspaces. We will help you select the best desks, chairs, lighting, technology support accessories, and furniture products that enhance the learning experience. Partner with Premier and call 215-734-2300 to begin planning innovative layouts and designs for classrooms, collaborative spaces, offices, and more.

Furniture Services for Educational Workspaces

Long recognized for its human-centered design and research, Herman Miller and Knoll furniture products offer the capabilities for people to teach and learn more naturally and effectively. Our partnership with MillerKnoll gives Premier access to the wide portfolio of furniture products, including unique seating, tables, desks, and room division products. We help our clients create learning communities that attract students and faculty, and inspire them to succeed.

Premier Services Include:

Change is a constant in today's colleges and universities. Adaptability is a hallmark of the Herman Miller brand. Creating a space that evolves as needs change is our main goal. Together we can furnish your space to accommodate the changing needs of education while enriching teaching and learning for all. Learn more about Premier’s office space planning and design projects for higher education.

Educational Space Layouts