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Belonging At Work

The sense of belonging is fundamental for people, especially at work.

Collaborative setting with 2 people having a conversation around a Herman Miller Everywhere Table.

Belonging is a powerful and naturally fundamental motivator for human behavior. "Belonging" is the feeling among members of a group that they share common experiences, goals and challenges. It is proven that employees that experience a sense of belonging at work are more productive and engaged. Companies can encourage this connection through their workspace and settings.

Specific settings throughout the work environment can inspire people to socialize more, prompting more interaction and in turn, creating better social bonds among coworkers. Better communication and more effective information sharing strengthens the trust among teams as well.

Developing a greater variety of settings with Herman Miler's Living Office® space planning and design will help your organization create an office space that connects people to each other and to your company’s mission and goals. Download the white paper below to learn more about the design considerations for a variety of settings across the floor plate that help people feel like they belong.

Belonging At Work

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